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  Pictograph - Single Unit

  The following pictures provide a behind the scenes view of building a blast resistant single unit complex.

Inside framed steel structure Framed and insulated Wiring underway
Inside Framed

Famed and Insulated Wiring
Steel beam construction of the walls and ceiling attached to the steel framed base provide the overall strength of the unit. Four inches of spray foam insulation is added. It provides an R28 value and is fire retardant. The walls are framed inside foam insulated walls to run the electrical wiring. Drywall adhered to this frame.
HVAC being installed Ceiling under construction Floors being prepped
HVAC Inside Under Construction Walls and Ceiling Done
HVAC is being installed. Vents will be framed and covered to blend in with the walls. This is a multi unit but you can see the framing construction for the ceiling. Same process for the single units. After the walls and ceiling are completed, the floors are finished.
Finished inside view of a 12x40 unit Utility Room framed in and enclosed Outside view of steel structure
Inside 12x40 Utility Room Outside Unfinished
Finished look of a single unit. This unit designed with different style lighting and has coat hooks and fire extinguisher on walls. The furnace and the electrical are enclosed in the Utility Room. Space available for additional storage. You can see the metal walls and blast resistant doors of the unit before the exterior paneling is attached.

Outside finished view End view of two completed single units  
Outside Finished Two Units Finished Outside
This is a lavatory unit with the exterior paneling attached. The electrical shut off and air conditioning unit are installed at the end of the unit. The Utility Room is on the inside wall.